Leo Woodberry, pastor of the Kingdom Living Temple in Florence, is unwilling to wait any longer on government assistance and has launched a crusade to make clean water in his community – out of thin air.

Woodberry’s desperation to provide clean water for Florence received a boost when Xavier Boatright of the environmental organization All Aboard For Justice, attended a demonstration of solar hydropanels in Denmark, South Carolina.

Her town’s water is so bad because of a poor water treatment facility that it now gets its water from Florence, which is itself not doing that well in the water department.

“We want to build a water garden there for that community that uses well water because it cannot afford to get in the rural water system,” Woodberry said.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, from 2010-2016 the drinking water systems that regularly violated the law by not meeting its clean water standards were 40 percent more likely to serve people of color.