Abu Dhabi: The United Arab Emirates based deep-sea drinking water pioneer, Masafi, in partnership with SOURCE Global, launched SOURCE, the world’s first renewable and sustainable bottled water at Expo 2020 Dubai on October 7.

Using SOURCE Global’s patented Hydropanel technology, SOURCE UAE will become the world’s first renewable bottled water.

Dani Afiouni, chief commercial officer of Masafi Group told Gulf News that SOURCE water would break ground at local retail stores by mid-2022.

Masafi is using hydro panel to produce water out of air.

The hydropanels harvest sunlight to collect water from air – about five litres per day.

Once it is stored in the reservoir, the condensed water vapour is filtered and mineralised with magnesium and calcium for drinking.

Afiouni looks forward to sharing knowledge in the field at the Expo 2020 Dubai, but remains meticulous in his vision.