Sortera Alloys, the Fort Wayne, Indiana-based company that uses patented sorting technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to produce aluminum packages from shredded automobiles, has received $10 million in funding led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Kirkland, Washington.

Sortera says it uses advanced AI-powered image, data analytics and sensors to produce specification aluminum scrap packages for primary and secondary aluminum producers.

Sortera says its AI-powered sorters can upgrade feedstock streams and remove unwanted contaminants.

At Sortera, we are enabling the domestic production of novel feedstock materials from existing automotive streams [and] at the same time boosting the strength of the circular economy and creating new jobs,” he adds.

Carmichael Roberts of Breakthrough Energy Ventures says, “Sortera is using AI and engineering expertise to uniquely deliver high throughput with high purity in its sorting processes while also keeping costs down.

The auto industry, in particular, should be very excited about Sortera’s ability to deliver high-purity recycled materials without the cost and negative impact of producing virgin metal feedstocks.