Now, after decades of investigating and implementing various technologies, the community is evaluating an innovation that makes quality drinking water from resources in the sky.

“In a place like this, which is a Severely Disadvantaged Community based on household income criteria established by the State of California, the health and economic consequences of poor drinking water quality are very real,” said long-time resident and community leader Kayode Kadara.

40 percent of America’s 50,000 community water systems have had water quality violations, according to the EPA. 15 percent of Americans still rely on wells as their main source of water.

Over 450,000 California residents who are served by a Community Water System are subjected to water that is failing to meet the Safe Drinking Water Act.

“While we typically think of the U.S as having good water quality, access to safe drinking water isn’t a given for tens of thousands of communities in the nation over a million California residents,” said Rob Bartrop, CRO of SOURCE Global.

Looking forward, community leaders and SOURCE plan to apply for a California Drinking Water State Revolving Fund grant that will fund panels for every home in this approximately 600-person community.

“In Allensworth, we know all too well that water is an issue of social equity.” Kadara said, “When Colonel Allensworth founded the town, the first in California established and governed exclusively by African Americans, he was told help for the area’s water issue was coming, but it never came. Allensworth is considered ‘the community that refuses to die,’ and with the resilience and vision of the people here, we are taking control of our future and ensuring that we consider all sustainable and regenerative processes in our decision making. SOURCEĀ® Hydropanels fit into the community’s plans for a viable option for the delivery of sustainable drinking water.”