With more than two billion people without access to safe drinking water and a million plastic bottles sold every minute, Patagonia and SOURCE Global, PBC are working to advance sustainable solutions to the world’s water crisis.

Patagonia will use SOURCE Hydropanels to give customers and employees of its store in Honolulu, Hawaii premium drinking water that’s produced in an entirely sustainable way.

The self-contained system works entirely off the grid and delivers water directly to taps and faucets using no electricity, pipes or plastic, and the installation will make Patagonia the first retailer in the world to offer drinking water from the sky.

“The United Nations estimates that by 2050, more than six billion people could suffer water shortages due to climate change, and single-use plastic bottles continue to clog our oceans and streams. This issue is one of the planet’s greatest challenges and, while we’ve invented a way to bring perfect water where it’s needed most, we know we cannot solve this problem alone,” said Cody Friesen, founder and CEO at SOURCE Global.

“Through partnerships with like-minded companies such as Patagonia, we’re working to raise awareness of the global water crisis, encourage action and promote safe, sustainable sources of drinking water for everyone, everywhere.” SOURCE Hydropanels are used in homes, hotels, hospitals, schools, remote work sites and water-stressed communities across the world.