Omni X, the first omnichain NFT platform designed to connect and reward communities, creators and enthusiasts across multiple blockchains like never before, launches its official website.

The upcoming omnichain NFT marketplace powered by Layerzero Labs’ omnichain protocol truly has something for every kind of collector and creator.

“Omnichain NFT liquidity opens up a new paradigm of interoperability, where users off multiple chains can freely exchange value and collectibles with one another without the friction of bridging, synthetic assets, or other systematic risks associated with the traditional cross-chain infrastructure,” said Daniel Koshman, Founder of Omni X and CEO of Omniverse Labs Inc. Game ecosystems will also be able to take advantage of Omni X, as the platform provides opportunities for companies to enable the purchasing and selling of their NFTs on EVM chains that have not yet been integrated into their gaming ecosystems.

At launch, Omni X will include NFTs from omnichain collections such as Kanpai Pandas and Tiny Din0s, as well as numerous other omnichain NFT collections.

Currently, Omni X users can mint individual Gregs to gain access to private Discord channels and become supreme members of the Omni X community.