A company called Zero Mass Water showed off its Rexi Source hydropanel, appropriately outdoors in the Las Vegas Convention Center parking lot.

The Rexi isn’t Zero Mass’ first panel – the startup launched a commercial version a couple of years ago, and the panels are producing clean water for schools, businesses, and houses in many regions across the world.

The Rexi may not be a solar panel, but it is solar-powered, and it’s equipped with sensors and a cellular connection so the owner can check on the panel’s status anytime.

Once the panel creates the water, it needs to add minerals like calcium and magnesium since drinking water isn’t typically pure.

Once it’s ready it gets pumped directly to the house, skipping your city or town’s water utilities altogether.

The panel only produces about a gallon of water a day, so this isn’t a complete freshwater replacement, and Zero Mass doesn’t market it as such.

I tasted some hydropanel-produced water at the company’s booth, and it tasted well, like water.