Gretel, a Fintech firm which allows financial services providers to quickly and seamlessly reconnect their clients with lost insurance products, banking accounts, pensions, savings and other investments, recently revealed that it has acquired $1 million in pre-seed funding – which was led by Insurtech Gateway and RLC Ventures, along with contributions from various other angel investors.

As mentioned in the announcement, Gretel builds tech which allows firms to automate customer reconnection, adhere to regulatory guidelines, and transform a process that may take up to three months into taking a few minutes.

Gretel is working with a number of major banks and insurers across the financial services sector ahead of its launch to the market.

Gretel is the only hub covering the complete financial services sector and will be free for all consumers.

After a client has signed up with Gretel, the service will keep on working for them to look for lost funds and mark any new accounts as and when they are identified.