East Bay Community Energy, one of the nation’s top-ranking clean energy providers, is partnering with Fervo Energy to equip EBCE with geothermal power, adding non-weather-dependent clean energy to its power supply.

Developed by Fervo Energy, this facility marks EBCE’s first geothermal power purchase agreement, broadening the agency’s clean energy portfolio.

EBCE tapped Fervo Energy, a next-generation geothermal company applying transformative geothermal technology to address climate change, to increase its carbon-free energy deployment in response to a State of California.

Fervo Energy brings a variety of innovative technologies to geothermal including horizontal drilling and distributed fiber optic sensing to deliver more reliable and cost-effective projects.

“Geothermal power is vital to achieving the decarbonization goals of California and around the world,” said Tim Latimer, CEO at Fervo Energy. “East Bay Community Energy has established itself as the leader in scaling dependable, clean electricity in the best interest of its customers, and we’re honored to be partnering with them.”