The technology looks like a solar panel and sucks in passing water vapor.

Solar heat purifies it and adds in minerals for safe, clean drinking water in 52 countries.

It’s called a hydropanel, and atop a roof or on the ground, it absorbs water vapor out of the air.

Heat from the sun purifies the water inside the panel, then it adds calcium and magnesium, just like in natural spring water.

Fifty individual homes, in far-flung areas of the reservation, each have two of their own panels, producing 16 gallons of drinking water a week, plumbed right to a tap in their kitchen.

People in rural or indigenous areas are shown to drink more sugary drinks on average when there’s less access to clean water.

Large companies and hotel groups are leasing these panels to install on their rooftops to eliminate plastic water bottle usage for guests or employees, instead providing that purified drinking water created right from their own environment.