Construction is underway on the first “Living building” in Arizona, which will serve as an office for the building’s architecture and design firm, Architectural Resource Team.

To be certified as a living building though the Living Building Challenge, a building must satisfy several components, called “Petals,” Dev Pawar, principal at Architectural Resource Team, said.

The building will also use hydropanels from Scottsdale-based Source Global, formerly Zero Mass Water, to catch it in the air, condense it and dispense clean, mineralized water.

The firm, which employs about 24 people in Phoenix, also had to work closely with the city of Phoenix on the plans, because codes require that buildings are hooked up to city water, sewer and power utilities.

Doug McCord, principal of the firm, said he hopes the company’s building will spark interest from the firm’s clients and other companies interested in building more sustainably.

“We hope to do more living buildings,” McCord said, who said he has been interested in sustainable building since he was in school at Arizona State University.

“We want to change the discussion, and have new folks engage with us about this.” McCord and Pawar said the firm’s office will also serve as a proof of concept for clients that might be interested in a living building but might not know where to start because none exists yet in Arizona.