Carmichael Roberts

When & How We Met

June 20, 2007 email intro from Jeff Carbeck.  Jeff was my undergrad advisor now family friend who Carmichael had recruited to be his CTO at WMR Biomedical (now Arsenal Medical and 480 Biomedical).   We had previously crossed paths in passing in 2006 when I had ridden my bike down Memorial Drive from the MIT campus to WMR’s offices near the River St bridge across the Charles to connect with Jeff, and from Jeff’s email intro we did a walk-and-talk in Brookline on July 8, 2007.

Personal Info

  • High School / Baldwin Senior High School in Nassau County east of NYC
  • Favorite Band At 16 / Run D.M.C. self-titled album & favorite song Sucker MC, listened to on a Sony Walkman on WBLS 107.5
  • First Car / Black Apollo 5-speed
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