In this video report on geothermal energy, CNBC talks with companies in the market targeting the technology aspects of helping geothermal energy to take off.

Geothermal energy clearly gets a lot of press lately from technology investments by BP, Chevron and various funds into technology, asset management funds into concrete operations and development, and geothermal brines as source for lithium, among others.

A recent video report by news outlet CNBC actually sticks out for many reasons.

Well researched and going into quite some depth taking a good approach in explaining the new technologies explore to help scale geothermal development.

It describes geothermal as “Poised to play an increasingly large role as a source of always available, renewable power”, highlighting a number of key startups in the geothermal space, “Working to figure out how to access this heat in difficult to reach geographies, at a price point that makes sense.”

Scaling is the key word, as it refers to one of the challenges of geothermal in a sense of getting the attention it deserves.

It describes these proposed technologies quite well.