East Bay Community Energy, a California community choice aggregator, will source 40 MW of geothermal energy under a power purchase agreement with geothermal company Fervo Energy, announced on Tuesday.

The facility, developed by Fervo Energy, will deliver 40 MW of 24/7 carbon-free electricity from Churchill County, Nevada to California’s regional grid.

The deal, EBCE’s first geothermal PPA, expands the not-for-profit public agency’s clean energy portfolio and comes in response to the state of California’s mandate to procure 1,000 MW of non-weather-dependent clean energy by 2026.

Fervo Energy’s innovative technologies, including horizontal drilling and distributed fiber optic sensing, make projects more reliable and cost-effective, the firms said.

“Developing a diverse portfolio of clean energy facilities helps keep prices stable and the lights on,” commented EBCE chief executive Nick Chaset.