In October 2017, Anil Arora sat helplessly in San Francisco as the Tubbs Fire approached his home in Calistoga, California.

As the family planned their rebuild, Arora knew he wanted roof sprinklers for the home so it would never burn down again.

The point of Frontline’s system is to wet down a property, hydrating the combustible vegetation surrounding a home and the building material, making it less likely to light up if a fire approaches, Statter told CNBC. The system can be activated by flipping a switch within the home, or through a Frontline mobile app.

Wildfires had started spreading in Santa Cruz County, California, and they were getting uncomfortably close to their home in Corralitos.

Wu got in contact with her former colleague at Uber, Jahan Khanna, a serial entrepreneur whose latest start-up, Firemaps, helps homeowners harden their homes against wildfires.

Firemaps uses technology such as drones, computer vision, satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to analyze a home and determine what parts are most at risk to wildfires and what steps can be taken to improve their resilience.

“Nothing is going to prevent your home from burning down if the fires get really bad,” Wu said.