Definitive Healthcare medical claims data shows that as many as 233,282 patients were diagnosed with chronic pain syndrome in 2019.

With such high demand, pharmaceutical and medical device companies developing chronic pain therapies might struggle to size their total addressable market and identify treatment-ready patients.

These patients might instead benefit from medical device therapies like spinal cord stimulators or radiofrequency ablation devices.

In this blog, we’ll take a step-by-step look at how pharmaceutical and medical device companies might use PatientFinder to launch a new drug or therapy for patients experiencing chronic pain.

The first step in understanding your total addressable market is to identify and size the patient population within your given disease state.

With a total of 1,752 chronic pain patients, Dr. Cristina Beatrice Bartis has among the highest patient volumes of all providers in Texas performing steroid injection treatments for chronic pain.

Among its many capabilities, PatientFinder also delivers a visual output of your patient and provider cohort data-allowing you to see your total addressable market on the map.