Two companies and two universities have secured funding under the U.S. DOE’s Arpa-E program with $4.5m going to Fervo Energy, $3.7m to Eden GeoPower and around $2.7m in funding for research by two schools in Texas.

The U.S. Department of Energy has announced $175 million for 68 research and development projects aimed at developing disruptive technologies to strengthen the the U.S.’ advanced energy enterprise.

Led by DOE’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, the OPEN 2021 program prioritizes funding high-impact, high-risk technologies that support novel approaches to clean energy challenges.

Four projects are directly or indirectly tied to geothermal, with around $11 million in funding granted.

Fervo Energy will demonstrate its proprietary field-scalable next-generation geothermal and long-duration storage technology, FervoFlexTM. The FervoFlexTM technology effectively enables Fervo to operate their assets to achieve multi-day energy storage attributes in addition to the traditional benefits of clean, firm geothermal power.

The next two companies to receive funding are only related indirectly as one of the applications for the technology being developed can be geothermal but also others.

The miniaturized size of the system will also disruptively reduce the cost of downhole welllogging tools used in fossil and geothermal energy applications for the characterization of sub-surface formations and fluids.